The MattzoLevelCrossingController is used to control boom barriers and level crossing lights.


The controllers is connected to reed sensors before and after the level crossing. When a train approaches the level crossing, the boom barriers close and the lights flash alternating.

MattzoLevelCrossingController with four Boom Barriers

The idea is to count train axles (i.e. magnets) on the incoming and outgoing sensors. When there is contact on one sensor, the boom barriers close. When the number of contacts on the second sensor has reached the number of contacts on the first sensor, the boom barriers open.

This way, the controller can act autonomously without Rocrail, and can also be connected to Rocrail to cope with complex situations.

Status and next steps

MattzoBricks engineer Markus is presently working on the controller. Building instructions, the controller firmware, Rocrail set-up documentation and a video will be published here when it’s ready.

4 thoughts on “MattzoLevelCrossingController

    1. Hi Ray,
      I have received many messages already that people are desperately working for the MattzoLevelCrossingController. I can tell you, that we are actively working on it. Maybe I’ll set-up some kind of mailing list in the future. In the meantime, you need to subscribe to our Youtube- and Facebook-Channel. We will publish all vital information there, so that you don’t miss anything important.


  1. Hi Mattze,

    Obviously I’m already an active subscriber on your YouTube channel. A mailinglist would be a great addition though. I’d be your first subscriber ;-).

    Cheers and hope to see the upload soon!

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