TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick

TrixBrix, leading manufacturer of LEGO compatible train tracks, now offers almost 100 different track components and other really cool stuff for the LEGO train system. It is getting hard to keep track with all of the new stuff they are bringing to market, and to use their components in track […]

Highspeed LEGO train layout

We just received a giant package of LEGO compatible train tracks from Trixbrix. It contains several loops of curves with large radii up to R120, and also many fantastic R104 switches. We used the weekend to build a fancy highspeed layout and checked out how fast we can go! Watch […]

MattzoBricks is live!

We are happy to announce that the MattzoBricks website just went live. We are going to add content during the next few months. Please subscribe to our social media channels to make sure not to miss anything important!