MattzoControllers in a box

We will publish instructions of how to build superb boxes for MattzoControllers soon. Our publications will include the files required to print a beautiful box with a 3D printer soon.

This picture shows a prototype for a MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF). The dimensions equal the size of a standard LEGO battery box. It has an on/off switch, a status LED, two plugs for LEGO train motors, and several connectors for various LEDs or other appliances. The battery can be charged via USB.

MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF) in a box. The box includes a rechargeable battery that can be reloaded via USB. Designed by Thorsten.

The next pictures shows a prototype of a massive MattzoLayoutController that controls 16 switches or form signals, 16 signal LEDs and 16 sensors at the same time. Of course of can also acts as a MattzoLevelCrossingController or MattzoBridgeController.

MattzoLayoutController in a box. Designed by Thorsten.

Some of our designs require PCBs that were carefully designed especially for the particular MattzoController. We intend to publish the layout files for the PCBs as well, so that you can order them at low cost at PCBway or other PCB makers.

The following image shows a MattzoTrainController for Power Functions that is only 4×5 studs wide and 2 standard LEGO bricks high. It is powered with a standard LEGO battery box or any other equivalent battery, controls and powers two LEGO train motors and can also switch 2 LEDs, e.g. for train lights. In one of the studs on the top is a status LED for WIFI and MQTT connectivity. The case has a very high quality, and the interior is based on a PCB especially designed for this controllers. This setup makes the controller very easy to build.

MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF)
MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF). Designed by Guido.



Thorsten, a former member of the MattzoBricks core development team, has designed, printed and build the first cases for MattzoControllers. Some of these cases are displayed on this page. Thorsten is not just a great guy, but also a very skillful electronics expert. Thorsten is now focusing on other projects, but his contributions were a major step in the development of MattzoBricks.

Thank you, Thorsten!

Thorsten in his laboratory


Guido is a member of the MattzoBricks development team and a seasoned expert in electronics. His developments and contributions for the project are breath-taking.

We will publish some of his boxed MattzoControllers soon and give you advice how to build them yourself.

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