The firmware from version 0.3 to 0.5.1 is contained in a zip file. Unzip the zip file into a folder of your choice, e.g. C:\Users\Mattze\Documents\MattzoController.

The firmware package contains Arduino based controllers (MLC, MTC4PF, MTC4PU) and one VS Code / PlatformIO based controller (MTC4BT). The handling of firmware for these different platforms is different.

Arduino-based controllers

In firmware 0.5.x, the Arduino based controllers are:

  • MTC4PF
  • MTC4PU
  • MLC

If you use one or more of the Arduino based controllers, then you need to MOVE (NOT COPY!) some files in the “library” folder to the Arduino library folder. On Microsoft Windows, do something similar like:

  • Navigate to C:\Users\Mattze\Documents\MattzoController\libraries
  • Move the “MattzoBricks” folder to C:\Users\Mattze\Documents\Arduino\libraries

The exact directory names will vary on your computer system.

The following table contains a list of files and their purpose as of firmware version 0.5.1:

FilePurposeTo Dos
MattzoController_Library.hShared code library for all MattzoControllersMove to library folder.
MattzoController_Network_Configuration.hNetwork configuration shared by all MattzoControllersEdit and move to library folder.
MattzoPowerFunctions.cppLibrary required for IR supportMove to library folder.
MattzoPowerFunctions.hLibrary required for IR supportMove to library folder.
MTC4PF.inoFirmware for MTC4PF
MTC4PF_Configuration.hConfiguration for your MTC4PFs*Edit
MTC4PU.inoFirmware for MTC4PU
MTC4PU_Configuration.hConfiguration for your MTC4PUs*Edit
MattzoLayoutController.inoFirmware for MattzoLayoutController
MattzoLayoutController_Configuration.hConfiguration for your MattzoLayoutController*Edit
Firmware files and their purpose

* If you have multiple Controllers of the same type, but with a different configuration, you may copy these files and change the #include directive in the corresponding firmware code file before compiling / uploading. This can faciliate the management and maintenance of your MattzoControllers significantly, because you can have the specific configuration and the firmware itself in different files.

VS Code / PlatformIO based controllers

In firmware 0.5.x, the only VSCode / PlatformIO based controller is:

  • MTC4BT

Please follow the instructions on the MTC4BT page.

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