The firmware for version 0.6.x is contained in a zip file. Unzip the zip file into a folder of your choice, e.g. C:\Users\Mattze\Documents\MattzoController.

The firmware package contains Arduino based controllers (MLC, MTC4PF, MTC4PU) and one VS Code / PlatformIO based controller (MTC4BT). The handling of firmware for these different platforms is different.

Arduino-based controllers

In firmware 0.5.x, the Arduino based controllers are:

  • MTC4PF
  • MTC4PU
  • MLC

Compared to the firmware packages before version 0.6, the structure is now significantly easier for the user as it was before.

After unzipping the firmware zip package, you need to do the following:

  • Rename the MattzoController\MLC\conf\default folder to MattzoController\MLC\conf\my
  • Rename the MattzoController\MTCPF\conf\default folder to MattzoController\MTCPF\conf\my

Then you need to configure the files network_config.h and controller_config.h that in the conf/my folder. They contain the network configuration and the controller configuration for the MLC and the MTC4PF.

VS Code / Platform.io based controllers

In firmware 0.5.x, the only VSCode / PlatformIO based controller is:

  • MTC4BT

Follow the instructions on the MTC4BT page.

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