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      Glenn GrossGlenn Gross

      Hello, everybody. I am newly registered but I have used the track geometry pages as a reference for some time and have made two trixbrix purchases since December. Now I am wondering if I have away to integrate an R40 single or double slip into the center of an R40 pass through crossover. My first attempts in bluebrick presented a few problems. Firstly the three lanes are spread out further than eight studs and the ends of the lanes cannot line up onto the edge of a baseplate. I imagine this can all be corrected with the careful use of various RC1/2 pieces, x/16 straight tracks, and 1/10 straight tracks. Has anyone else attempted anything like this before? I will attach a bluebrick file with my findings and screenshots, if I can figure out how. Thank you!

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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      No, that doesn’t work. The Trixbrix R40 double slip switch is, geometrically, pretty bad and incompatible to most of the situations in which you would like to use double slip switches, especially in parallel track situations. I told them and proposed an improved geometry already, but they didn’t build it yet. In the meanwhile and if you have the space, you should try R104 switches and double slip switches. They are perfect for what you are trying.

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