Giant update V1.8 for TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick

Mattzobricks, expert for planning, building and automating LEGO trains and the maintainer of the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick, has released version 1.8 for the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick. Bluebrick is a PC-based software for planning LEGO and compatible train layouts. With the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick, TrixBrix […]

Trixbrix launches R148 switches

Trixbrix has launched a whole new switch geometry. Their R148 switches have a base length of 3 standard straight (48 studs), and a radius of 148 studs. The first products available for market are the R148 switches, the R148 curve (5,625°), a R148 siding curve, and a R148 turnout curve. […]

MattzoController firmware V1.0.2 released

Mattzobricks released its firmware for the MLC (MattzoLayoutController), the MTC4PF (MattzoTrainController for Power Functions), and the MTC4BT (same, for Bluetooth) today. The release contains a bug fixes and a couple of improvements. Check the firmware history for details. Enjoy!

MLC mega

Mattzobricks has published building instructions for the MLC mega. MLC stand for MattzoLayoutController, a device to control any land-based components of a LEGO train layout. The MLC mega is able to control 16 switches or form signals, 8 light signals, and 16 sensors. For many users, the powerful MLC mega […]

Firmware 1.0 released

Mattzobricks announces the public release of the Mattzobricks firmware git repository. Mattzobricks offers now the firmware for all Mattzobricks controllers under MIT license to anybody who is interested in LEGO or brick train automation. Details can be found here:

Ball bearings for the LEGO train system

I have just released a video about ball bearings for LEGO trains and compatible. Ball bearings make your trains faster, you consume less battery, and you can pass through tight curves with less problems. The video describes what material you need, how to fit the ball bearings into your wheel […]

Firmware 0.6 released

Mattzobricks has released the new firmware 0.6 today. The new release brings a couple of new features and bug fixes. MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF) New features include: Up to 8 trains with LEGO Infrared Receiver 8884 can now be controlled with a single MTC4PF. Fully configurable lights including manual […]