Layout Project Xmas2021 / 1
Layout Project Xmas2021 / 1


This layout was built by Mattze around Christmas 2021. It is a small test and demonstration layout. Primary aim was to test the MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth (MTC4BT) with Lego Powered Up Hubs and SBricks, and the beautiful new form signals. The layout was also used to shoot some videos for the MattzoBricks Youtube channel.

The layout has only one oval, and a train station with two parallel tracks. Initially, the switches were not motorized for simplicity, so the tracks are automatically chosen by the direction from which the trains enter the station. Switch motors were added later to allow for more vivid train operations.

The layout started with three blocks. A fourth block was added later to lower the delay between two subsequent trains.

Layout Project Xmas2021 / 4
Layout Project Xmas2021 / 4


Fully automated LEGO train layout.

  • 4 blocks
  • 6 sensors
  • 2 switches
  • 6 form signals (2x Hp0/Hp1 main signal, 2x Hp0/Hp1/Hp2 main signal, 2x distant signal Vr0/Vr1/Vr2), all motorised and automated with MattzoLayoutControllers (MLC), some autonomously with integrated controllers and batteries.
  • 1 MattzoLayoutController mega (MLC mega), controlling sensors in block 1 and 2, the switches and two form signals.
  • 1 MattzoLayoutController (MLC) for SpeedController including two sensors (Block 9)
  • 1 MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth (MTC4BT)
  • Various trains (various controller types)


Xmas 2021 Bluebrick Plan
Xmas 2021 Bluebrick Plan
Xmas 2021 Rocrail Plan
Xmas 2021 Initial Rocrail Plan


The layout was featured in a couple of videos on the Mattzobricks Youtube channel there were published around January 2021.

MattzoController Firmware Release 0.5
SBrick support and the MattzoController for Bluetooth (MTC4PF)


Layout Project Xmas2021 / 3
LEGO ICE Train waiting in train station
Layout Project Xmas2021 / 2
Beautiful LEGO modular buildings
Distant form signal showing Vr2
Distant form signal showing Vr2
Layout Project Xmas2021 / 5
Workstation at Mattzobricks Headquarters – with background image from the Xmas Layout 2021