Signals are an important part of every decent LEGO train layout.

Automatic KS-Signal with red, green and yellow light.

The following diagram show the integration of signals into the overall MattzoBricks Train Automation System:

On our LEGO train layouts, all signals are automatically. How this is being done is shown in this video:

Our signals are controlled with a component called MattzoSignalController. Check this page to find out how to build such a controller yourself.

Instead of the MattzoSignalController, you may also use the more versatile MattzoLayoutController. The MattzoLayoutController can also be used to control semaphohres, as shown in the example below:

4 thoughts on “Signals

  1. Hi Mattzo,

    I’m new to automation and I am wondering if you can automate the signals and occupation of the rails when the trains are driven manually. In your videos the trains are also automated, but I would like the same system but where I can manually drive the trains. Are there any ideas or instructions on how to do this?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,
    Koen Schreurs
    The Netherlands

  2. Ist es irgendwie auch möglich die alten LEGO Signale 7860, welche durch änderung der Polarität rot/grün leuchten, in dieses Automatisierungssystem zu integrieren?

    1. Klar, das wäre grundsätzlich möglich. Du brauchst allerdings 12V Eingangsspannung und einen Logic Level Converter dafür, sonst wird das mit dem ESP-12 / ESP-8266 nichts.

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