Bluebrick is a LEGO (or compatible) track planning software. It allows to plan LEGO track layouts in 2D.

The software is helpful to find good layout geometries that fit to the space available. The software also counts the parts that you need for your layout.

I have created a complete track library for Bluebrick with all Trixbrix tracks. The library is integrated in Bluebrick since Version 1.9. Check this link for details and download instructions. Other libraries include tracks from BrickTracks, 4DBricks, and there is also a “schematic track” library that covers FX Bricks tracks.

Example layout, created with Bluebrick and MattzoBricks’ TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick

Bluebrick is developed and maintained by Alban Nanty. The software is free of charge.

Bluebrick requires Microsoft Windows, but someone has also managed to run Bluebrick under Linux.

Bluebrick can be downloaded here:

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