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  1. For layout – R40 Switchodrome – Can you provide a break-up of the switches that would be required?

    1. I could do that, but it’s a lot of work. Another idea: would it help if I upload the Bluebrick files, so that you can simply load the layout into Bluebrick? There is a “part list” function in Bluebrick that lists all required parts. Thanks for feedback!

  2. I am a 72 year old grandmother. I am trying to work on lego tracks with my 8 year old grandson. I tried but cannot figure out how to download the track planning program. We have a table with tracks that is 48 inches by 96 inches that he uses with his two Lego trains. Now he wants to expand so we are adding another table, 96 inches by 25 inches (we will expand this to 30 inches on half the table so there is more room for a train to turn), in an “L” shape. I could use some help with track planning but I am not computer smart enough to download the programs. Is there an easier way to plan the track layout?I’m lost!

    1. Hi there, not sure whether you’ll see this as you commented quite a while ago. Other than planning on paper and then figuring out what bits of track you would need, there isn’t really another way. I would be happy to help you if you need any help with downloading the program yourself, or I can see what layouts I can create using the space you provided.


  3. Hello I was looking at building the 45° crossing but I really need to know what pieces are used if you could help me with that I would be very pleased.

  4. Hi Mattze,

    I am planning the Christmas presents for the kids and it turns out that they will get some LEGO trains. The R40 Weichodrom looks awesome and it would be cool to really get all the information of the desired parts. I tried to figure it out the last few days, but it did not work out well.

    Therefore, I really would appreciate the file(s)


  5. Is the double railroad crossing for BlueBrick (Lego 12V) available anywhere?
    Thanks so much.
    For my first idea the software was very helpful.
    Thanks again.

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