Henk van Lingen, member of the MattzoBricks Core Development team, has built this beautiful, fully automated LEGO train layout over Christmas 2020.

Henk Xmas Layout 2020
Henk Xmas Layout 2020

The layout was situated in Henks living room and literally circles around the Christmas tree.

Henks Xmas 2020 Bluebrick Track Layout
Henks Xmas 2020 Bluebrick Track Layout

The layout is controlled with Rocrail and several MattzoControllers. This is the Rocrail track plan:

Henks Xmas 2020 Rocrail Track Layout
Henks Xmas 2020 Rocrail Track Layout

On the layout, many trains are operated concurrently: the TGV aka. Horizon Express, the Eurostar, the ICE, the Swiss Crocodile, the Passenger Train 7938, two cargo trains and the retro 7810 40th anniversary train.

All trains are operated with MattzoTrainControllers.


Fully automated LEGO train layout.

  • 25 switches
  • 32 sensors
  • 4 MattzoSwitchControllers
  • 3 MattzoLayoutControllers
  • 2 MattzoSensorControllers
  • 5 MattzoTrainControllers for Powered Up (MTC4PU)
  • 2 MattzoTrainControllers for Power Functions (MTC4PF)
  • 8 trains


Here is a video from this wonderful layout:

Thanks for this contribution, Henk.

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