As last year, the Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0 was successfully used on Dutchbricks “Bricktopia” show in October 2022 in Nederweert in the Netherlands to automate a beautiful LEGO train layout.

The layout will be showcased again with minor modifications in Geleen (NL, close to Aachen) on December 10 and 11.

Bricktopia 2022/1
Bricktopia 2022/1

The layout including the rolling stock was provided, built and automated by Joos Buijs.

Bricktopia 2022/2
Bricktopia 2022/2

This is the track plan of the layout:

Bricktopia 2022 Track Layout
Bricktopia 2022 Track Layout

These are the key figures of the layout:

  • Size: about 3,5 x 5,50 meters
  • 16 blocks
  • 32 reed sensors
  • Total track length of over 37 meters:
    • 12 switches (of which 6 automated with Trixbrix motors)
    • 218 straight tracks
    • 78 curves
  • 6 different trains concurrently on the track
    • 60197 passenger train
    • 60198 green cargo train
    • 10277 Crocodile locomotive
    • 60051 white intercity train
    • 60336 cargo train
    • 60337 passenger train
  • Automation setup:
    • 4 MattzoLayoutControllers (MLC), of which 3 with MCP23017 extensions for controlling layout components (sensors and switches).
    • 2 MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth (MTC4BT) on ESP32’s to control all trains.
    • Private Wifi router setup
    • Laptop running Kubuntu, Mosquitto and Rocrail

Rocrail layout and locomotives

The layout featured a lot of beautiful and well designed buildings from modular LEGO building expert and Dutchbricks board member Frank Derks. This included an automated tram going back and forth, bridges spanning a 25cm gap, and many custom buildings. There was even a zeppelin flying at 1m above the layout.


Check out this video about the show:

We are happy that the Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0 is adopted more and more by LEGO train experts and also used very successfully on large LEGO shows and displays.

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