We are planning to build a beautiful, complex and fully automated layout in 2021.

Project 2021: Bluebrick Track Layout

Several train station and railyards diverge from two main lines, that wind their way over all of the layout. As three stations are head stations, the layout is perfect for commuting trains, but also needs precise stopping points. On the right side is a small narrow gauge railway track.

The automation platform will be Rocrail and our own Arduino- / ESP8266- / ESP-32 based MattzoControllers.

Project 2021: Rocrail Track Layout

The layout is designed for about 10 trains. Our real-time simulations show that it should be possible that on average four to five trains should be able to move concurrently.

Project 2021: 3D Simulation of the Layout

We have also recorded a simulation run as a video:

Project 2021: 3D Simulation of the Layout (Video)

We are going to publish news on the project on this page. Please subscribe to our social media channels (Youtube, Facebook) to stay up to date!

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  1. Hi there. This is awesome! I’m curious, how much space does this take up? ie. physical dimensions (in meters or feet or whatever)?

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