We all love LEGO trains. But LEGO trains run only on direct commands like pressing a switch on a remote control or turning the control wheel of a transformator.

This website is dedicated to overcome this problem.

We want that LEGO trains start and stop automatically, take a desired route over the layout, and do not collide even when sharing the same tracks.

The MattzoBricks Train Automation System

To automate LEGO train layouts, we propose the MattzoBricks Train Automation System.

This system has the following functional components:

MattzoBricks Train Automation System: Overview of Functional Components

The components have the following purpose:

  1. Automation Computer
    • Automatically control all your components from a central device!
    • Calculate and allocate block and routes for your trains to avoid collisions!
    • Provide a user interface to control your trains and the other components!
  2. Trains
    • Let your train move automatically!
  3. Switches
    • Flip your switches in the right direction!
  4. Signals
    • Set your signals to green or red!
  5. Sensors
    • Determine the position of your trains!
  6. Level Crossings
    • Open and close your boom barriers!
  7. Bascule Bridges
    • Open and close your train bridges!
  8. Remotes
    • Control your train manually!

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