The R148 concept was invented and designed by Mattzobricks in 2022.

The concept was adopted and made ready for market by Trixbrix in 2023.

The following illustrations describe the concept.

You can use the R148 siding curve to create parallel tracks from an R148 switch
Building railyards with R148 switches is very easy. Just use the S1.3 adapter, which is exactly 4/3 studs long.
Creating R148 railyards with 4 or even more tracks is also possible by using some more S1.3 adapters.
The R148 system is perfect to build complex switch systems that even large trains can pass through within problems.
A simple track switch with R148 can be build within additional adapters. Perfect for high speed trains.
A typical application for the R148 double slip switch. The straights are 49 1/3 studs long, which equals three S16 straights and one S1.3 adapter. The S14.7 straight is 4/3 studs shorter than the standard S16 straight track.
Use cascaded R148 double slip switches to build track switches that span over 4 or more tracks.
The R148 double crossover
The R148 monster switch
Any combinations of the R148 crossover switch system is possible. The limit is your phantasy.
The X-R148-2 crossing is used to build crossovers over a blank track. The track distance of the parallel tracks is 32 instead of 16 studs (from track middle to track middle)
The X-R148-3 crossing
The turnout curve R148-TC is used to build turnout curves in the shape of a perfect 90° R148 curve section

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