Mattzobricks, expert for planning, building and automating LEGO trains and the maintainer of the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick, has released version 1.8 for the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick.

Bluebrick is a PC-based software for planning LEGO and compatible train layouts. With the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick, TrixBrix parts are also available in the software.

TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick V1.8

Release V1.8 comprises the following new components:

  • R56 curve 11.25° (half)
  • R88 curve 5.625° (half)
  • R104 curve 5.625° (half)
  • R120 curve 5.625° (half)
  • R120 switches
    • R120 siding curves
    • R120 siding assembly
    • R120 turn-out curves (1/3)
  • Double turnout R104/R120
    • Pass-through crossing R120
    • R120 pass-through adapter curve 1.875° (1/6)
  • T-junction R104/R120
    • Wye switch R104-R120 left and right
    • T-junction R104-R120 core
    • T-junction R104-R120 full assembly
    • W-junction R104-R120 assembly
    • R104-R120 turnout assemblies
    • R104-R120 dome and double-dome assembly
  • Dual gauge 45° crossing
  • 8 stud wye switch R104
  • Triple switch R104 parallel track assembly
  • 2-track railyards R40 and R104
  • Various updates, improvements and corrections.

R120 switch

The most significant enhancement is the R120 switch. The R120 switch closes the gap between the R104 and R148 switch systems:

The TrixBrix Switch System
The TrixBrix Switch System

As you can see in the picture, the R120 siding track combination has a straight length of 5,5 standard straights.

After the introduction of the R120 switch, the only “gap” left is the R88 switch, which would have a straight length of 4,5 standard straights. We are hopful that TrixBrix is going to close this last gap as well in the future.

R104 / R120 combinations

Even before the launch, people from the community have asked what is possible with R120 switches and how the new switches relate to the R104 system.

Beside simple siding structures, the R120 switch also enables some cool new features, like turn-outs, t-junctions and dome crossings.

R104 R120 Turnout
R104 R120 Turnout
T-Junction R104 R120
T-Junction R104 R120

If you combine two of the R104 R120 turn-outs with four 90° crossings, you can even build a dome crossing like this:

Dome Crossing R104 R120
Dome Crossing R104 R120

The update is available for download from within Bluebrick. Instructions and the full version history can be found here.


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