Mattze Highspeed Layout 2022


This layout was built by Mattze in September 2022. It is a high speed test layout that aims to deal with high speed trains and their challenges.

The layout consists out of a double oval with large radii curves. On the mainline, the curve radii are Trixbrix R168 and R186. The curves leading to the station are Trixbrix R136 and R152. There are non-motorized switches to switch the loop. The loop is automatically chosen by the direction from which the trains leaves the station.

The layout has 8 blocks (4 per loop). The main block lopes have open block signals. That means that the signal turns green automatically once the subsequent block is cleared, even if no subsequent train has yet allocated a route to this block.


Fully automated LEGO train layout.

  • 8 blocks
  • 16 sensors
  • 2 switches (non-motorized)
  • 6 form signals (2x Hp0/Hp1 main signal, 2x Hp0/Hp1/Hp2 main signal, 2x distant signal Vr0/Vr1/Vr2), all motorised and automated with MattzoLayoutControllers (MLC), working autonomously with integrated controllers and batteries
  • 1 MattzoLayoutController mega (MLC mega)
  • 4 MattzoLayoutController on breadboards (MLC)
  • Various trains, either with integrated onboard MTC4PF or controlled with one offboard MTC4BT


Before building, the Rocrail plan was build and tested with the 3D Train Studio simulator.

Highspeed Layout in 3D Train Studio

The following picture shows the Rocrail plan.

Rocrail plan for LEGO Highspeed Layout


The layout was featured in Youtube video that was released on the Mattzobricks Youtube channel on October 2nd, 2022.

Automated high speed LEGO train layout