On this page, you learn about the history of our train automation projects.

Mattzobricks Train Automation System 1.0

We started to our first approach to LEGO train automation in 2019. The system was based on the software nControl from 4DBrix, a US based company that also shipped some components to control train motors, switches and lights, and provided optical sensors for train detection.

We had enhanced nControl by about 1,500 lines of code in the programming language “Python”. We have used some train, switch, signal and sensor controllers from 4DBrix, and enhanced the layout with our own signal and switch controllers to be able to use TrixBrix switches and TrixBrix signals. Some trains were also controlled and powered with LEGO powered-up technology (two motors per train).

Here is a video that demonstrates how our “Version 1.0” worked:

Not bad for a start… but we had plans to build larger and more complex layouts.

For this reason, we got away from nControl, as the software had imposed more and more limitations and problems on our automation projects.

4DBrix shut down its operations in early 2020, so our decision to try something better was a pretty good idea in any aspect.

Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0

In 2020, we have replaced nControl with the more powerful software “Rocrail”. Rocrail is open source and has a lot of great features with are handy when automating large and complex train layouts.

Check out the following video:

We call the whole system Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0.

When you read the term Mattzobricks Train Automation System on this website, this refers to current Version 2.0.

Additional information regarding sensors, signals, switches and our “MattzoControllers” can be found on the sub-pages, and can be navigated by the menu on top.

We are actively working on the system, so stay tuned and subscribe to our Youtube and Facebook channels! You may also want to check the projects page.


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