Mattzobricks has been designingtracks and switches for the LEGO train system since the 1990’s.

Many of our designs have been adopted, copied or reinvented by producers of LEGO compatible tracks. We appreciate that, as it gives the LEGO and brick track community more options to build their layouts.

We have compiled some geometry tips and tricks on these sub-pages that might help to build your dream layout:

The track layouts were created with Bluebrick and the TrixBrix track library for Bluebrick.

We have also compiled some example files for Bluebrick (download here).

12 thoughts on “Geometry Corner

  1. hi,
    I would like to know how to make Paranel tracks with 4 studs distance on what swtich R40 or R104 and special size of track to make it 4 stud between gaps?


    1. Hi Matthias,

      i like all your explanations and drawings here, great job πŸ™‚ My own track is growing more and more but i have one issue, size matters πŸ˜‰
      Why there is no railyard crossing (double slip switch) in R40 available like R104?
      not buildable?
      A R40 monster crossover is in my inventory also. Is it possible to build 1 railjard exit? or R104 only?

    1. Well, I have come up with a couple of solutions to build layouts with 4 studs track spacing – check the “Parallel tracks with 4 studs distance…” layouts on this page. Most of the examples are based on R104 switches. It is true that you can also do some magic with standard TrixBrix R40 switches. You need to attach a R32 counter curve followed by a R40 half curve just after the branching tracking, again followed by the following straight tracks: 4/16, R2, 1/16. That comes pretty close to a similar solution. Nevertheless, the home-brown solution has the disadvantage that the whole combination is 8 studs longer than the TrixBrix 4 Stud Gap Switch. I have added an example to the page just below the “Parallel tracks with 4 studs distance” example. Does that help?

    1. RC1 and RC2 are adapters that TrixBrix introduced to build railyard ladders with R104 switches. RC1 has a length is approximately 1.81 studs, RC2 is 1.37 studs long. See for supplier information.

  2. Hello Mattzo,

    Could you show the design for a switched double, and switched triple R104/R88, R104/R88/R72?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Mike, if you look at the pictures, you’ll see the tracks you need.

      “Switched double track curve section R104/R120 with 3 exits” and “Switched triple track curve section R104/R120/R136” have not all required tracks depicted, but as they are extensions of “Switched double track curve section R104/R120”, you’ll figure it out. I believe the curve sections are also contained in the Bluebrick sample library file that contains most of the track examples. You can download it and see which tracks are involved.

  3. Hi Mattias Runte,

    Based on your alternating 4 and 8 stud Gap Station design, I have tried to build it with standard Lego R40 and Trixbrix 104 Railyard switches. I don’t have R56 so I improvised a little.
    It turns out that the combination of:
    – Trixbrix R104 switch,
    – one R40 curve
    – one RC 2 adapter
    – several straight rails
    give perfect 3 Gap distance.
    Unfortunately the tracks are parallel, but exactly one stud misaligned.
    This can be fixed with a Trixbrix one stud rail.
    My conclusion was a couple of extra 1,2,4 stud rails and a few RC1 and RC2 and I can create a station.
    Three stud distance is good enough for all trains not to bumb to each other.
    Even the ICE and the wide Disney steam train πŸš‚ can pass each-other.
    So far so good, for a 4 track station.
    Do you think it is possible to redesign your 5 track station using only R40 and R104?

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