Building complex LEGO train layouts is a challenging task.

On this website, I have compiled some valueable information that may help you to plan your LEGO train layout.


Example layout, created with Bluebrick and MattzoBricks’ TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick

12 thoughts on “Track Planning

  1. Matteo… very impressive. Thanks for sharing. Track automation is challenging and you have accomplished it with elegance, making it “look” easy. Rudy – – The Calgary LEGO Train Club

  2. Hi,
    When I replace the file “ConnectionTypeList.xml” with yours, I loses the yellow/red dot.
    I putted back the original file and it works fine now.
    Any suggestions ?

  3. Thanks again for creating and maintaining this library. Is it an error that the straight track 1/10 is said to be brown and not dbg? Also, it appears that TrixBrix have updated their buffer stop piece.

    1. Hi Hendik,
      oh, you are right. This is a bug in the present public version of the Bluebrick software. Alban has already fixed it, and with the next public Bluebrick version it will also be fixed on your machine. I didn’t see it on my machine, because I forgot to test with the public version.

      And you are also right that TrixBrix has a new buffer stop. I will include the new part in the new version of the library.

      Thanks for your feedback!


  4. Dear Matthias

    It would be great to have the TrixBrix Controller in the BlueBrick libary as well and if you could include the Lego Train Track Plastic Ramp 8 x 12 from the Ghost Train Express (Lego no. 6275616 / Bricklink no. 53834) in a future update that would be nice.

    Best regards,

  5. Thanks for creating and sharing this library.
    Makes it a lot easier to plan with other curve types.

    Best Regards,

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