The MattzoController firmware has been published under the MIT license by Mattzobricks.

The software is open source, free of charge and a gift to the LEGO and Brick Train community.

Current release

The current release MattzoController firmware is available in this github repository:

The repository contains the most recent firmware for MTC4PF, MTC4BT and MLC.

The firmware is optimised to work with Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and the platformIO plug-in.

To check out the firmware, follow these steps:

Please read the pages for the specific MattzoController to learn how to configure the firmware and upload it to the controller.

Firmware history and roadmap

The firmware history and roadmap can be found here.

Previous versions

The MattzoController firmware for MTC4PF, MTC4PU and MLC below V1.0 was designed to work with the Arduino IDE. These firmware versions are deprecated but still available for download.