Bascule bridges are movable crossover components for LEGO trains that usually span over rivers. Together with turntables, they count among the most advanced components on LEGO train layouts.

Bascule bridges are supported in the MattzoBricks Train Automation System.

Check out our video about bascule bridges:

The movable part of the bridge is operated with LEGO motors. The end positions are determined with reed sensors. A flashing light indicates that the bridge is operating. Below the bridge, a red/green/white signal indicates if boats may pass the bridge or if the bridge is about to open.

Bascule Bridges are controlled with MattzoLayoutControllers. Check out building instructions here.

Bascule Bridges are embedded into the Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0 as follows:

MattzoBricks Train Automation System: Bascule Bridges
MattzoBricks Train Automation System: Bascule Bridges