This modular building MOC is a fire station with 5 garages and a helicopter landing pad.

The building has a dimension of 64×32 and is designed as a corner building.

The garages are large enough to shelter typical 6-wide fire engines like the ones from LEGO sets 7208, 7239 and many more.

We started with a design study in Studio IO.

LEGO Modular Fire Station: design study
LEGO Modular Fire Station: design study

After the design phase, the fun part started: ordering the remaining parts and build it.

In order to save money, we bought 2x LEGO set 7208 and LEGO set 60110, which are quite cheap and contain the majority of the required parts.

The building can very easily be transferred to a MILS plate (64×32).

If I have some time and if people are interested, I might compile building instructions later.

6 thoughts on “Modular LEGO Fire Stattion

  1. Good morning
    I like your design, I built 3 trucks and a captains car for my grandson and would like to build this station for him.
    Can I get the instructions and parts list from you?

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