On this page, I am constantly compiling useful materials that we have successfully used on our layouts.

Tracks and switches

Just everything from Trixbrix [Trixbrix].


8x AA battery holder [Amazon].

Toggle switches [Amazon].

8mm switches [Ali].

6mm and 7mm switches [Amazon].

Duo LEDs, 3mm, cold-white / red, 2 pins [Tams].

Duo LEDs, 3mm, cold-white / red, 3 pins, common anode [Tams].


ESP32 development board [Amazon].

ESP32 Wemos D1 mini [Amazon].

MTC4PF bare

ESP8266 development board [Amazon].

Infrared LEDs [Amazon].

MTC4PF mini

ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini [Amazon].

MLC bare

ESP8266 development board [Amazon].

MLC mini

ESP8266 strong [Amazon].

Connectors 2.54mm, male, three rows, 3×40, 90° [Ali].

Screws, M2x8, self-cutting [Amazon].

LEDs, 3mm, various colours [Amazon].

MLC mega

D1 mini NodeMCU with ESP8266-12F [Amazon].

PCA9685 port extender [Amazon].

MCP23017 DIP-28 port extender [Amazon].

Power Supply: Steckerreisenetzteil, I.T.E Power Supply , 230V, 5,9V/4A [Pollin].

Power Jack: Hohlbuchse, Printmontage, 5,5/2,1 mm [Pollin].

Stepdown Converter AMS1117 [Amazon].

Block capacitator 1000uF 10V, 8x12mm [Amazon].

Ceramic capacitator 100nF 50V, type 104 [Amazon].

Resistors, 120 Ohm, 1/8 Watt [Ebay]

Connectors 2.54mm, female, two rows, 2×8, 90° [Ali]

Connectors 2.54mm, male, three rows, 3×8, 90° [Ali]

Screws, M2, self-cutting [Amazon].


Copper Wire [Amazon].

Trixbrix extension cable, 90cm [Trixbrix].

Trixbrix extension cable, 200cm [Trixbrix].

Dupont Plugs with tool [Amazon].

Cable Buckle Clips [Ali].

Cable hose [Amazon].

Switch Motors

Trixbrix switch motors, various types [Trixbrix]


Reed Sensors type: GPS-14A [Amazon].

Neodymium Magnets 5x15mm [Ali].

Light Signals

Trixbrix Light Signals [Trixbrix].

German semaphore (2-aspect type)

Geek servo [Ali]. Color: gray!

German semaphore (3-aspect type)

Geek servo [Ali]. Color: gray!

German distant semaphore

Geek servo [Ali]. Color: gray!

Level Crossing

Trixbrix Boom Barrier LEDs [Trixbrix]

Trixbrix Boom Barrier Servo Motor [Trixbrix]

Splitter Cable [Trixbrix].

Bascule bridge

Geek servo [Ali]. Color: orange!


OLED Display I2C SSH 1106 128×64 Pixel [Amazon].

Ball bearings for train wheels

Ball bearings type MR52ZZ [Amazon].

Steel axles 40mm x 2mm [Amazon]. Attention! Producers and vendors appear to change the precise metrics of their axles from time to time! We bought a larger supply of very good axles from Ali Express in 2022, but they went out of stock. You may try the Amazon link above, but we can not guarantee good fit. If you find a vendor for the axles that work well, please send us an e-mail, so that we can publish the link here.

Grub Screws M5x10 [Amazon]. The ones with black paint work better!

Flat Washers M2 (5mm / 2,2mm / 0,3mm) [Amazon].

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable AA batteries [Amazon].

Rechargeable AAA batteries [Amazon].

Charger for AA and AAA batteries [Amazon].

Rechargeable 9V batteries (recharged via USB) [Amazon].

General material

Revell 39604 Contacta Professional plastic glue [Amazon].

Soldering Holder and Light [Amazon].


The links lead to external shops outside the control of Mattzobricks.

I do not grant any guarantees for the validity of the links or specific properties or suitability for the material linked on this website.

Some of the links are affiliate links, thus Mattzobricks may benefit from your purchase.

Thank you very much for supporting us!

6 thoughts on “Bill of material

  1. Hello Matthias and co,

    Thanks for the beautifull work. I’m getting started with layout automation …

    Kind regards,

  2. Were you able to get all of these items from one place?

    Ball bearings type MR52ZZ
    Axles 40mm x 2mm
    Grub Screws M5x10
    Flat Washers M2 (5mm / 2,2mm / 0,3mm)

    Ebay & Amazon axles don’t look too flash!

  3. Hi Mattzo
    Danke für deine Beiträge und der Material Liste super mach bitte weiter so wünsche dir viel erfolg.
    gruß Pit

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