Remote Controls are used in the LEGO Train System since the introduction of the RC System. The have been used in different variants to control train motors and light on board of LEGO trains. Since the introduction of the LEGO Powered Up System, the Powered Up Remote Control is available, which connects via Bluetooth to Powered Up hubs.

LEGO Powered Up Remote Control

The Powered Up Remote Control can also be used in the MattzoBricks Train Automation System. However, it is not connected to a Powered Up hub directly. Instead, the remote is connected to a MattzoController. The MattzoController accepts the commands of the remote, converts them to the Rocrail protocol and transmits them to the MQTT broker. The MQTT broker is broadcasting the commands to the MattzoTrainControllers, which is turn make the trains move in the desired direction.

MattzoBricks Train Automation System: Remote Controls
MattzoBricks Train Automation System: Remote Controls

We are presently developing to support remote controls. We will publish information here when it is ready.

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