Rocrail is a free software for controlling model trains. In the MattzoBricks Train Automation System 2.0, it is used as the automation computer, and therefore as the backbone of the overall platform.

Rocrail can be downloaded from

MattzoControllers natively understand the WIO Rocrail protocol. That means, that no other translation layer is needed to enable the communication between Rocrail and the controllers.

Be aware that Rocrail is a complex software that needs a significant amount of occupation and dedication. You will not be able to download the software and use it successfully within five minutes.

If you spend some time with it, you will finally be able to create and operate complex layouts like this:

Rocrail can be supported with a small donation. In return you receive a license key that enables some additional features in the software. I would encourage every user to support Rocrail in order to ensure the long-time viability of the Rocrail project.

Check the Rocrail website for more information!