On this page, we are going to give you some handy information how to power up and automate your switches.

Have a look at the following diagram to understand how switches and switch controllers are embedded in the MattzoBricks Train Automation System:

The following video explains how we flip our switches from Rocrail so that the trains are guided safely to their destinations:

Our switches are powered up with a component called “MattzoController”. If you want to build your own MattzoController, please read this page.

There is a lot more to tell about switches. We are planning to describe typical problems with switches and give advice how to overcome these problems. Planning topics on this page include:

  • Selecting the best switches for your layout from different vendors (e.g. LEGO, Trixbrix, 4DBrix, BrickTracks, FxBricks).
  • Choosing or building motors and controllers for switches.
  • Connect switches to your automation software like nControl or Rocrail.
  • Making Trixbrix double slip switches compatible with Rocrail.
  • Automating double slip crossovers.
  • Why carriages with fixed wheels derail on Trixbrix R40 curved switches, and how this problem can be solved.
  • Problems with long, strongly swiveling vehicles on tight, motorized switches and problem solutions.

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