Mattzobricks has published MattzoController firmware V1.1 today.

The release firmware release is available on the Mattzobricks git repository.

The new firmware tested on a layout especially created for the tests:

LEGO train layout for MattzoController firmware V1.1 regression testing

Improvements and changes:


  • The LED of the LEGO Powered Up hub is now switchable. It can be set to any color manually via Rocrail or automatically when the train starts, stops, or changes direction.
  • Controller configuration can be split into multiple files. This is required if the configuration files gets too large.
  • Updated and enhanced the MTC4BT documentation.
  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Configurable power for status LED using PWM.
  • Functions can now also be controlled via Rocrail actions.
  • Changed standard value of MIN_ARDUINO_POWER from 400 to 0. This change might require to update some configuration files for your locos.
  • Soft stop


  • MLC mini standard configuration.
  • MLC mega standard configuration enhanced with double slip switches (rocrail port 1001 to 1008).
  • Configurable power for status LED using PWM.
  • Support for multi-aspect signals (signals with more than 4 aspects).
  • Signals are set to default state (red) when controller boots
  • Blinking signal leds.
  • Enhanced all light signals in MLC mega and MLC mini standard configuration now by a 3rd and 4th aspect: red, green, blinking green, blinking red. Default rocrail ports have also changed (1, 2, 3, 4 for first signal; 11, 12, 13, 14 for second signal etc.)

2 thoughts on “Mattzobricks announces MattzoController firmware V1.1

  1. Gute Arbeit. Morgen direkt meinen Controller updaten. Schön zu sehen das ihr weiter Arbeit in die Firmware steckt. 🙂

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