I have just released a video about ball bearings for LEGO trains and compatible. Ball bearings make your trains faster, you consume less battery, and you can pass through tight curves with less problems.

The video describes what material you need, how to fit the ball bearings into your wheel sets and what the effect is.

As always, the video ends with some train operation scenes from a recent layout.

We have also created a web page about ball bearings on mattzobricks.com.


1 thought on “Ball bearings for the LEGO train system

  1. Thank you for your great work. I looked at your page for the ball bearings. I would like to implement the 1st solution for my trains but I have some problems with the posted images. Could you perhaps post the grub screw version with a gray train wheel holder from Bluebrixx? I can’t really see anything in the photo with black screw on black train axle holder.

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