We recently changed our automation software platform. Instead of nControl, we are now using Rocrail. Rocrail is an open source software from the scale model train world and offers a good variety of features that are useful especially when operating large train layouts.

Check out our latest video, in which we show how it works:

Emerald Express and the German Crocodile (E94) both controlled by RocRail.

After this successful proof of concept, our next steps will be to improve the sensor technology, improve our software that is used for interconnecting RocRail and our controllers, and to build a large and fully automated LEGO train layout.

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9 thoughts on “First automated LEGO train layout with Rocrail

  1. How are you controlling Lego motors from Rocrail. I have not found much information about mixing the two systems?

    1. Hey Eric, that is an excellent question. I am presently in the middle of development, and everything is subject to change and improvement. When I am ready, I will publish more information here. That much for the moment: you either need some kind of middleware between Rocrail and your train receivers, or you need to make the train receivers understand the Rocrail protocol. I chose the middleware approach, because it gives me a bunch of additional options when dealing with operational security and stability on large layouts. Example: I am constantly checking that all switch and sensors controllers are working correctly. If a problem shows up, I need to stop all trains immediately to prevent crashes. This stuff can be implemented a lot easier when you have the train controllers under your direct control.

      1. Hi Matthias! Can you, please, tell me where I can find information on Rocrail protocol, I’ve crawled their website but did not locate much information on MQTT commands. Thanks!

  2. Das würde mich dann auch interessieren wie die Sensoren und Weichenantriebe elektrisch an das Locrail System angeschlossen wedren

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