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      Henk JansenHenk Jansen

      Hi Tom, do you intend to make a solution for the old 9v trains to control them? Without rebuilding them with PF or PU. Some hardware changes to the wired controllers perhaps?

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      Thorsten SchmitzThorsten Schmitz

      Hi Henk, in the Moment we are focused on the Wifi Solution. It’s universal and more convenient by now. Data and Powertransmission over the rails is quite interesting, but it needs new thoughts about the infrastructure. Maybe, sometimes we complete our Ecosystem of Controllers with native 9V Trainsystem Parts. We will report!

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      Back KevinBack Kevin

      hi i cant find my old controller, how work it , is it voltage regulation or PWM.
      i remember me i can only drive on train on this track, is this right .

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        Matthias ErnstSeriousBrick

        The “old”, i.e. cable-based systems (9V/12V) supply a voltage to the whole track they are connected with by using a transformer. You can adjust the speed with the transformer. You can as well put several trains on your track, but they will all run with the same direction and speed (well, more or less: motors get the same power, but heavier trains of course go slower than light ones…).

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      Matthias ErnstSeriousBrick

      Hi Henk & team,
      I thought about how to combine 9V and remote control as well. Yet, I would refrain from modifying & soldering my precious 9V motors, so there must be either a custom 9V motor with power pickup (which I think would be a rather big deal to produce) or a solution with power pickup and motor separated.
      If there was a custom power pickup, it could be connected that a controller which fuels e.g. a PF motor. If the metal track is set to a constant 9V, this would in theory allow to get rid of the annoying battery boxes as well – or, if one would include a custom battery, the train could even run on 9V and RC tracks.
      Do you have any thoughts on that and is there a controller version which would be most suited for such trials?
      Thanks a lot!

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      Manfred HufferManfred Huffer

      Hi SeriousBrick and others, the 9V system from Lego can be completely replaced by cheap alternatives: Tracks, points, power supply, motor. Check out the videos!
      https://youtu.be/U6YAWoUTiL8 video: alternative power supply Lego 9V
      …and a number of other videos on this topic.Have a look to the Youtube channel of Manfred Huffer.

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      Andrew BAndrew Bradley

      I really like this idea. I haven’t tried it because I would need a very detailed step by step guide.

      Hybrid PF/9V Systems

      Supercapacitor Power Packs

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