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      Simon KüblerSimon Kübler

      Hello together,
      Yesterday I succeeded to get my first Lego train controlled by rocrail via the MTC4BT. Thanks for the superb integration.
      I have one remark: Could you please lso add the integration part for rocrail to the MTC4BT article. It took me a while to find it in the MTC4FU section.

      Another question would be if an integration of third party ble hubs would be possible s.a. Cada or Mouldking. Advantage would be that those have integrated battery.
      What prerequisites are needed to start such an integration?

      Thanks for all the Code, videos etc. Great Job!


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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      Hi Simon,
      thanks for your feedback.

      We have no plans to integrate 3rd party hubs like CADA / Mould King etc. at this time. The devices are interesting, but we didn’t find information on the Bluetooth protocol of those devices yet. If you have information on that, please let me know.


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