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      David GambleDavid Gamble

      I have spent many days trying to get MQTT messages using Mosquitto v2.0 and greater. Finally some success. Mosquitto has upgraded security and Windows Firewall blocks access to Port 1883. See, follow the instructions and create new rules for inbound and outbound messages.
      Good luck, it works for me!

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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      You mean as documented on the Mattzobricks website?

      General Section

      (section “MQTT”).

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        David GambleDavid Gamble

        Yes I could not connect to the MQTT server until I configured the MS firewall to pass Port 1883. (Windows 10 and Mosquitto 2).

        The proceedure is:

        Windows Defender Firewall window > Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules > New Rule… > Port… > TCP > Specific local ports: 1883 > Allow the connection > Set the Domain, Private and Public as selected > And set a Name: Mosquitto.

        Then, go to Outbound Rules and do the same. See the link above that explains the procedure very clearly

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