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      Max T.Max T.

      Hello together,

      @ Mattze first of all as this is my first post thank you very much for the work you started, it is really inspiring.
      Hab deinen Youtube Kanal entdeckt und bind dann hier gelandet

      I’m planning to automate my existing layout:
      This will need a total of 22 sensors and 12 switches and I would like to have 4 trains running on the tracks. So there is a lot of nights of work left.

      Currently I’m planning to work myself into rocrail and use your reed sensors and controllers as well as your switch controllers.
      The only thing I don’t want to majorly change is the trains. This means I would like to keep my powered up and power functions battery boxes.

      No to my actual question: To be able to keep using my power function trains is it possible to exchange the IR-Receiver with an sbrick and use on of the MTC4PU to as well control the powered up and the SBrick+power functions trains?

      If this would work I would fell a lot more comfortable about the project, as this is my first train automation and already feels kind of challenging.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      Hi Max,
      a good question and some good news for you: we will publish a new controller soon: the “MTC4BT” (MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth). It handles both LEGO Powered Up and SBricks. So the question is: yes, just may put SBricks in your train.

      There is a promotion on the website ( for MattzoBricks users to purchase SBricks with a discount. Feel free to use the published voucher code.


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        Max T.Max T.

        Hi Mattze,

        thanks for the reply. Will the MTC4BT be also based on the ESP32 NodeMCU development board?
        I’m really looking forward to it… I already created a shopping list for a first test run with all components, to see if I can get it working before I roll out the the big layout.


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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      Jepp, it will be ESP-32 based. Please send me an e-mail if you want to have early access to the firmware.

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      Max T.Max T.

      Okay thank you, sounds great.

      I will order parts next week and start the testruns on Powered up.
      If I at this Milestone you’ll propably be finished with the MTC4BT :-), otherwise I will for sure write you an e-mail.

      Right now I’m watching rocrail tutorial 🙂

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