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      Ulrich SchneiderUlrich Schneider

      Everything regarding the power supply of trains

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      Ulrich SchneiderUlrich Schneider

      I have two questions regarding the power supply of trains

      1. There seem to be 3 main sources: AA or AAA batteries (either 6 or 8) or a 9V block. I am curious about what their differences in runtime are. I would love to know how a rechargeable 9V block compares to the other options (e.g. 65% of runtime).

      2. I was wondering if there is already a control of the overtime loss in power in the two train controllers. Currently, it seems like there is none but some videos mention it. It also does not look like it is still on the schedule of future releases. I made the experience that I have to adjust the speeds in rocrail over time.

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        Dan GoreckiDan Gorecki

        A few things I’ve noted.
        8 Batteries seem to be oriented to the use of rechargables. Most are 1.2V vs 1.5. 1.5×6=9, 1.2×6=7.2, so the extra 2 batteries gets you back to 9.6V. So it will feel more like regular alkalines.
        AA vs AAA This is about capacity, or run time. The AA batteries can hold more mAH, my recharges AAA are 1100mAH, and AA are 2800mAH so in theory/simply put, the battery pack w AA should last twice as long as AAA.
        From what I remember reading, the official LEGO rechargeable should be closer to 9V, so less of an issue.

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      Raymond BrinkRay

      Hi Ulrich,

      We are (and will be) gathering intel on the matter of power loss over time. In the end we hope to compensate for it by adjusting the power level while the battery depletes. If we have more info to share, we put it here. Thanks for starting this topic!


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      Mike MewsMike M

      Hello all and Matthias,

      which design/location of power supply is best practice for the MTCPF with infrared LED actually?
      Is it better to couple the train motor unit to the power supply of the microcontroller? That would save the battery box by making it obsolet, wouldn’t it?
      Or to have the train motor supplied by a second separate battery box independent from microcontroller power supply?

      Best regards


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        Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

        Hi Mike, good point. I am working with a single power supply on board, a standard LEGO 9V battery box. Make sure your ESP8266 board copes with that voltage!

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