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      Pieter van den BosPieter van den Bos


      I am new to this form and would like to start automating with Lego PF train track. I have carefully read through the instructions on the site but am running into problems within VSCODE fairly early on anyway. I have downloaded the latest firmware MTC4PF and opened it in VSCODE but immediately errors/problems appear.

      For example the file controller_config.h immediately gives 20 errors (I have not changed anything in the file).

      For example:
      identifier “MattzoLocoConfiguration” is undefined [ln 34, col1].
      identifier “MattzoLocoConfiguration” is undefined [ln 35, col10]
      identifier “MattzoLocoConfiguration” is undefined [ln 37, col18]
      expected a ‘;’ [ln 37, col42]

      etc. etc.

      Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause of this. Thanks in advance for a response.


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      Pieter van den BosPieter van den Bos

      Hello, I think I solved the problem. I had not yet copied the files controller_config.h and network_config.h to the my-folder. After I did that the original config files still throw errors but the configs in the my-folder do not. Another step forward I think.

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      Matthias RunteMatthias Runte

      Sounds good! All the best for your further experiments!

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