4 thoughts on “LEGO train automation tutorial no. 1: trains

    1. Hi Laroy,
      thanks! My initial idea about the software was just to upload it here and provide it for free. I have not really thought about selling the software – thanks for the idea. I might get back to it one day. 🙂

      Anyway, I am presently changing the whole automation system. So far, I have been using nControl from 4DBrix and enhanced the software by about 1.500 lines of own code. Unfortunately, nControl has a lot of bugs and other drawbacks, so I will move away from it and come up with a better, completely different solution.

      Stay tuned for more! If you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to the Mattzobricks Facebook and Youtube channels.


      1. Very nice video! This new software that you are developing, will it also be Python? Will it be public available? I also see you have wifi controlled trains. Thats very promissing. Last weeks I experimented with the Lego BAP project to operate my trains but I found the bluetooth solution for lego trains is not scalable. I think wifi would be a great improvement.

        1. Hello Henk,
          we have made the same experience. Bluetooth might be working on a small layout with few trains. The typical situation of a kid getting a LEGO train for Christmas.

          When you build large layouts with many trains and large track dimensions, you run into range problems. The trains are loosing their connection and stop where they are. Extending bluetooth radio ranges is costly and complicated, as where in the Wifi area it is pretty easy and usually not even necessary.

          Regarding our next software platform: we are in the middle of research & development. When we have our next solution ready, we will publish all stuff here.

          Thanks for your patience!

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