LEGO train automation specialist Mattzobricks has released its new firmware version 0.4.

The new release provides superior new features like level crossing support and bascule bridge support.

Layout components like switches, signals and sensors can now be controlled with a unified controller called “MattzoLayoutController”. The MattzoLayoutController can be extended with I/O port extenders, which makes it possible to control hundreds of layout components with a single controller.

The MattzoLayoutController also controls level crossings and bascule bridges.

Mattzobricks has also released a video today, in which the setup of the firmware is explained in detail.

More information about the MattzoLayoutController can be reviewed on the mattzobricks website (

The new firmware release also features several improvements and some bug fixes for the MTC4PU (MattzoTrainController for Powered Up).

The firmware is ready for immediate download on the mattzobricks website.

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