MattzoBricks has just released firmware 0.4.1.

The release contains the following features:

  • Delayed primary boom barriers for enhanced realism
    • With this features, the lights of the level crossing can be switched on for a couple of seconds before the primary booms start to close.
    • Another delay can still be set for the closing of the secondary booms.
  • Virtual sensors
    • These sensors do not have a physical representation. They are triggered by MattzoControllers when an events happens that is of interest for Rocrail.
    • Virtual sensors work with switches, level crossings and bascule bridges
    • Virtual sensors for switches
      • In Rocrail, feedback sensors can be configured for switches. Rocrail will clear a route for a train only, if the feedback event for the switch was successfully received. The MattzoLayoutController sends this feedback event after it has received the switch command and the switch was flipped.
    • Virtual sensors for level crossings
      • In Rocrail, level crossings can be configured with feedback sensors. The feedback sensors indicate that the level crossing is fully closed or opened. Only if the booms are closed completely, a train will be released over the level crossing. This is important for trains that wait just ahead of the level crossing, and would otherwise enter the crossing before the booms are closed.
    • Virtual sensors for bascule bridges
      • Bascule bridges definitely profit the most from virtual sensors. With virtual sensors, you can make sure that trains enter the bridge only if it is fully closed. Otherwise, a severe crash with a train going over an open bascule bridge would only be a matter of time.

The firmware update is available for download on the firmware page on

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