Today we proudly announce the release of MattzoController firmware V0.3.

The new firmware contains a large variety of improvements and a whole new type of MattzoController, the MattzoTrainController for Powered Up (MTC4PU).

The MTC4PU controls trains with Powered Up Hubs and also switches the train lights on and off – manually or automatically.

Here is the list of changes and improvements:

  • MattzoTrainController for Powered Up (MTC4PU):
    • Initial release.
  • MattzoTrainController for Power Functions (MTC4PF):
    • Complete code refactoring.
    • Separation of configuration from firmware code.
    • Support for LEGO Infrared Receiver 8884.
    • Support for 4DBrix WiFi Train Receivers.
    • Multi-train-support.
  • Automatic train lights for all MattzoTrainControllers.
  • Boot problem fix for all ESP8266 based MattzoControllers.
  • Emergency stop for all trains if signal or sensor controller disconnect from MQTT.
  • Optional status LEDs for all MattzoControllers.
  • Network logging (syslog) and over-the-air (wireless) firmware updates.
  • MattzoController have now correct hostnames on the intranet.
  • Safety feature for MattzoSwitchController to prevent breaking switch servos on obvious misconfigurations.
  • A large variety of other new features and improvements.

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