I have just updated the Trixbrix Track Library for Bluebrick to version 1.6. Included are now the brandnew R72 switches and the pass-through crossings. Also included are some handy sets and examples for advanced R72 crossovers.

R72 are a good trade-off between R40 and R104 curves. They consume only little more space than R40 curves on the layout, while increasing the curve radius significantly compared to R40 switches.

You can download the new parts with the integrated “Download additional parts” function in Bluebrick (find instructions here).

That’s how the parts look in Bluebrick:

R72 switches

And here are the sets:

R72 pass-through and cross-overs

The next update will cover the new Trixbrix bridge and is going to be released shortly.

In addition to Bluebrick library update, I have also updated the track library in 3D Train Studio.

TrixBrix R72 pass-through in 3D Train Studio
TrixBrix R72 pass-through in 3D Train Studio

I hope you enjoy exploring your new layouts options!

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