TrixBrix, leading manufacturer of LEGO compatible train tracks, now offers almost 100 different track components and other really cool stuff for the LEGO train system. It is getting hard to keep track with all of the new stuff they are bringing to market, and to use their components in track planning.

Planning complex track layouts is now possible with Bluebrick and my TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick. The library contains around 100 track components from TrixBrix and makes them available in Bluebrick.

Want to plan your track layout on the computer before you build it? Want to check if your layout ideas work before you buy your TrixBrix tracks? Or just play around and build LEGO layouts on the screen?

Download the library today and send me your layouts! The best layouts will be published on Mattzobricks.

Click here for more info, a tutorial video and the download link.

Also check out my sample layouts!

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