Since late yesterday evening, rumors are circling around the internet that LEGO is going to publish a new LEGO train set in July 2020.

There is also an image of the packaging circling around. It is doubtful that this image is real, as the packaging does not feature some elements and aspects that packages of the Expert Line have always possesed.

LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (set 10277, year 2020)

Word is, that the train set will be part of the Expert product line, and is supposed to have the 18+ label on the package. The package has 1271 pieces including 2 mini figs. The exclusive set will only be sold from the LEGO online store and from the official LEGO brand stores. The price in Europe is 99,99 EUR.

The locomotive is supposed to be shipped with decorative “brick built” tracks, but it will be able to run on standard LEGO tracks and compatible. A motor will not be included, but can be integrated later.

The iconic swiss electric locomotive belongs to the most famous locomotives in the world. It went into service at the beginning of the twentieth century. Around 1918, the Swiss Federal Railways needed a strong new locomotive for heavy freight trains on the steep tracks of the Gotthard line in the high mountains of the alps. The pet name “crocodile” derives from the the shape of the locomotive with its long noses at each end. Funilly, the term “Crocodile” was likely invented by German model train manufacturer “Märklin”, and then adopted by the real railway world later. Though only a bit more than 50 locomotives were built, there is almost no train fan who does not know and cherish this locomotive.

The original color of all of the locomotives was brown. The locomotives were painted green later.

The Swiss Crocodile served until the end of the 1980s. There are still some locomotives in service that are used from time to time for nostalgic rides.

LEGO has built the Crocodile in different set in the past:

LEGO Crocodile Locomotive (set 4551, year 1991)
LEGO Factory Hobby Train (set 10183, year 2007)

If the rumors are true, the Crocodile will definitely become be a highly praised and desired set like the Emerald express (LEGO set 10194) or the Maersk train (LEGO set 10219) among LEGO train enthusiasts.

LEGO has not yet officially confirmed the set. We executed a search on the official website on June 2nd, 2020 for the term “10277”. The result list contained 12 different sets, mainly from the “Exclusives” and “Hard to find” category. Experts know that this may be an indication, that the set is already in the database of the website, and associated with some similar products, but not yet publically available.

We hope that the set is real.

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