Trixbrix has launched a new switch that LEGO train fans have been waiting for since a long time: the “R40 railyard switch“. This switch is needed to span multiple parallel tracks on limited space.

The railyard switch is connected just after the first switch in a railyard using the “R40 connector” adapter that is shipped with most Trixbrix R40 switches. All parallel tracks have a spacing of 8 studs and end at the same length. Additional special adapters are not required.

R40 railyard switch concept by Mattzobricks

So far, the set-up of parallel tracks with standard switches ended up with a high degree of length loss. This is now history, as the new railyard switch allows to initiate the parallel track at the end of an R40 circle section, which allows parallel tracks that are three standard lengths longer. An additional advantage is, that vehicles do not tend to derail so easily in railyard switches as in standard switches, because there is no abrupt change in direction in the middle of the switch.

Railyards provide significantly longer parallel tracks on limited space

The R40 railyard switch completes the switch program of Trixbrix in a brilliant way. We assume that the railyard switch will be a similar success as the R104 railyards that Trixbrix has launched some time ago.

The following sketch shows a comparison of R104 and R40 railyards:

R40 railyards (above) vs. R104 railyards (below)

The geometry of the new switch has been designed by Matthias Runte of is a website dedicated to LEGO train enthusiasts and provides in-depth information about track geometries, track planning, and LEGO train automation.

The Trixbrix Track Library for Bluebrick has been updated to Version V1.2. The new version contains the new railyard switch and some common complete railyard combinations to facilitate track planning.

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