Mattzobricks has recently released the firmware for the MattzoController for Bluetooth (MTC4BT).

The device is able to control LEGO and compatible trains with LEGO Powered Up Hubs and SBrick units.

The advantage of the solution is that LEGO train enthusiasts no longer need to use a soldering iron in order to get their trains automated with the Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0.

We have created a nice video that explains what the MTC4BT is and what it does:

Building an MTC4BT requires only a cheap and easy-to-get ESP-32 microcontroller. The only things you need to do is to compile and upload the firmware, which is available for free on the Mattzobricks website. From there on, you can control your trains with LEGO Powered Up or SBrick Bluetooth devices.


SBricks can be bought online directly from the manufacturer. One SBrick enables you to connect as much as 4 Power Functions devices, e.g. two train motors and two sets of Power Functions lights. This way, you can build complex and strong locomotives with two motors and lights, and you can control it with easily available and proven technology.

For Mattzobricks users it is advisable to use the Mattzobricks discount voucher code to get a nice deal on SBrick devices.

LEGO Powered UP units are available in all newer LEGO train sets like the Passenger Train (60197) or LEGO Cargo Train (60198). Using PU hubs is not a bad solution either, but you can connect only two devices to a single hub, and the devices are more expensive than Power Functions devices.

The MTC4BT opens the Mattzobricks Train Automation System up to a significantly wider audience than previously. We are excited to get feedback from the community and are happy to receive photos and videos from your Mattzobricks-automated layouts!


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