Mattzobricks@Bricktopia 2021

The Mattzobricks Train Automation System 2.0 had a publication appearance on Dutchbricks Bricktopia fair in Geelen in December 2021. Included in the setup was also the brandnew MTC4BT (MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth). According to Joos Buijs, who built the train layout including the automation, the automation worked reliably and stable over […]

Trixbrix Bridges

I have just updated the Trixbrix Track Library for Bluebrick to Version 1.6.1. The new version includes parts for the supercool new Trixbrix Bridges. Trixbrix offers these bridges in different basic and extension sets. The basic bridge is 4 segments long, which equals standard straights (4 x 16 = 64 […]

TrixBrix R72 switches and pass-through

I have just updated the Trixbrix Track Library for Bluebrick to version 1.6. Included are now the brandnew R72 switches and the pass-through crossings. Also included are some handy sets and examples for advanced R72 crossovers. R72 are a good trade-off between R40 and R104 curves. They consume only little […]

Firmware Release 0.5 announced

Mattzobricks announces the largest firmware update in its history. The firmware release will cover a large variety of new controller types, new features and improvements. Here is a list of the most important items: MTC4BT Probably the most significant piece of the firmware release will be the MattzoTrainController for Bluetooth […]

MattzoController Firmware 0.4.1 released

MattzoBricks has just released firmware 0.4.1. The release contains the following features: Delayed primary boom barriers for enhanced realism With this features, the lights of the level crossing can be switched on for a couple of seconds before the primary booms start to close. Another delay can still be set […]

Mattzobricks firmware 0.4 released

LEGO train automation specialist Mattzobricks has released its new firmware version 0.4. The new release provides superior new features like level crossing support and bascule bridge support. Layout components like switches, signals and sensors can now be controlled with a unified controller called “MattzoLayoutController”. The MattzoLayoutController can be extended with […]

New feature on the MattzoBricks website

Bulletin board As often requested by our users, I have now set-up a forum on the website. Support issues are new ideas can now be addressed and discussed in a more organized manner. Link: Forum Project Section The website has now a “project” section. People who have built LEGO […]

MattzoController firmware V0.3 released

Today we proudly announce the release of MattzoController firmware V0.3. The new firmware contains a large variety of improvements and a whole new type of MattzoController, the MattzoTrainController for Powered Up (MTC4PU). The MTC4PU controls trains with Powered Up Hubs and also switches the train lights on and off – […]