TrixBrix has launched a new switch combination today for LEGO train professionals. The combination integrates the radius R104 double crossover switch combination with R104 double slip switches.

Double Slip Crossover R104 from TrixBrix

The concept is modular, and can also be applied to the Monster Crossover R104 switch. Using the new options, many new layouts can be constructed on limited space.

Check out the following examples:

More examples are available on the Track Geometry page.

We have already updated the TrixBrix track library for Bluebrick, which is available for download in the Track Planning section of the Mattzobricks website.

The double slip crossover switch can be motorized partly. Three of the four paths can be switches with the compatible TrixBrix switch motors. The path from the inner section of the double crossover can only be switched manually. This is important to know when you automate your layout.

We are planning to use the double slip crossover switches also in our giant project in which we are building a magnificient, fully automated LEGO train layout (see Projects section).

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