I just released Version 1.5 of the TrixBrix Track Library for Bluebrick.

The library now contains Switch Servo Motors, which can be attached to switches. They rotate automatically into the correct direction when attached to a switch.

All switches have now a connectors for switch motors. See the following pictures to get an overview:

All switches now have connectors for Switch Servo Motors

Some more complex track segments can fitted with a large number of switch motors. The following example of a R104 monster crossover that has been extended with four double slip crossover elements. 16 switch motors can be mounted.

Please note that there indeed are left and right switch motors, but both orientations can be mounted on any switch.

You can now check that the switch motors do not collide with other track segments. Additionally, you can use the built-in track list feature to automatically count the number switch motors that you need for you layout.

The new library can be downloaded from https://mattzobricks.com/track-planning-with-bluebrick.

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